Thursday, January 15, 2009

Class Action Lawsuit Against Tucows

If you are a current or former customer of NetIdentity, Domain Direct or any similar entity now owned by Tucows, welcome. I am trying to start a class action lawsuit against them for what I believe are contractual breaches of the last two+ years. Since they acquired these companies, there have been numerous outages, lost mail, spam issues, broken promises all while continuing to take our money and hold our domain names hostage. They do not intend to actually fix anything or resolve any issues and at this point, I believe the only way to protect/reclaim our domain names and data is to sue.

First, we need an attorney. If anyone reading this is an attorney and interested in our case, please email me at

Second, we need to get a list of class action participants. You can also email me at I will not use your name or email for anything other than this and before I hand names over to an attorney once we are actually at the filing stage, I will check with you again.

Third, you can use this as an outlet. They could control their blog and have taken it down, this one they can't. So, feel free to vent. I am obviously at my wit's end.

Here are the issues as I've experienced them, please comment so I can expand the list:
  1. Email outages/frequent inability to log into webmail or receive pop mail

  2. Email lost during migrations

  3. Inability to access emails in folders

  4. Failure to credit accounts with renewals promised (due to numerous outages)

  5. Spam filters causing loss of pertinent email

  6. Webmail GUI malfunctions

  7. Failure to answer support tickets and resolve issues
I am sorry that this is the situation that brings us together but I believe there is power in numbers.